Callanish Stones Callanish Stones – Standing 3 miles away and visible from the lounge are the magnificent Standing Stones at Callanish.
They have that magical quality that never fails to move.Theories abound as to their meaning and purpose. Many believe that they were used in rituals relating to the moon, stars and position of distant hills.
Visitors sit or walk round them for hours. Some maintain they can see images in the actual stones, others stay there to “drink in their energy”.
All agree that the experience of visiting the Standing Stones of Callanish is not one to be missed. Stay up for the sunset or get up at sunrise to see them at their most inspiring.


Carloway Broch Carloway Broch – Three miles north of Eshcol Guest House stands the well preserved 2000 year old Carloway Broch- a defensive structure

In the seventeenth century the Broch is said to have been used as a stronghold by members of the Morrison Clan, during the long-standing feud between the Morrisons of Ness and the MacAulays of Uig.
Donald Cam MacAulay ended the seige by climbing the outer wall using two dirks as climbing irons and smothered the Morrisons by throwing burning heather into the central area.

Dalmore Beach Dalmore Beach – only one of the numerous beaches in the Island, lies in a secluded spot six miles north of Eshcol Guest House.

An ideal spot to take a romantic evening stroll after dinner.

Listen to the ocean – the water lapping at your feet – the twittering of the birds or the bleating of the newborn lambs as you take in the evening air.
Even in the “High Season” it is virtually deserted. Enjoy ” your beach”.

Sleepless night are a distant memory as you get ” knocked out ” by the sea air.